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    In 2022, Russian Workshop on Power Engineering and Automation of Metallurgy Industry was held on 23-25 of September.


    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Plenary Section
    1Лисовская Татьяна Александровна
    Компенсация реактивной мощности в питающей сети посредством активных выпрямителей напряжения в составе электроприводов большой мощности
    Section 1. Automatic Electric Drive
    1.1Evgeny Omelchenko, Vasily Tanich, Dmitry Kabanov
    A Four Axle Shunting Electric Locomotive Control System Based on Inverter-Induction Motor Technology with Account of Slipping
    1.2Varvara Sycheva, Andrey Belikov
    Adaptive control system for objects with dynamically varying parameters
    1.3Ildar I. Khaydarov, Rustam R. Sharipov
    Sensorless Synchronous Motor Control System
    1.4Юдин Р.Ю.
    Методы и средства косвенной оценки технологических параметров для управления установкой электроцентробежного насоса
    Section 2. Industrial Processes Control and Automation
    2.1A.A. Nikolaev, P.G. Tulupov, S.S. Ryzhevol, V.S. Ivekeev
    Analysing of the efficiency for ladle furnace improved electric modes control algorithms at PJSC “MMK”
    2.2Adnan F. Alhaj Hasan, Valeriy A. Semenyuk, Talgat R. Gazizov
    Understanding the Effectiveness of Double Modal Reservation in PCB Manufacturing: Experimental Study on Radiated Emissions
    2.3Nikita Topolsky, Dmitry Topolsky, Dzhamilya Khakimova
    Electricity Metering Software and Hardware Complex Control System Optimization
    2.4Begmurod R. Saidmurodov, Zyuzev M. Anatoly
    Models of operational forecasting of arc furnace energy consumption using machine learning methods
    2.5Prasolov A.S., Andreev S.M.
    Using a mathematical model of the hot blast stove to control the operating periods of the unit
    Section 3. Power Electronics
    3.1Fanis Siraev, Regina Khazieva
    Pulse Width Modulation to Control a Resonant Inverter
    3.2Maksim Ivanov, Bogdan Solovev, Regina Khazieva
    Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component Windings Inductance
    3.3Alexander Konev, Marat Khakimyanov
    High Voltage Insulation Tester
    3.4A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, I.G. Gilemov, A.S. Denisevich
    Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency for Modified PWM Algorithms in Active Rectifiers of Powerful Industrial Electric Drives
    3.5A.A. Nikolaev, M.Yu. Afanasev, A.S. Denisevich, A.S. Maklakov
    New methodology for calculation of the special passive filter parameters with the aim of voltage quality improving in networks with active rectifiers
    3.6Haider M. Jassim, Anatolii Zyuzev
    Control of Grid-tied Three-level Four-leg Inverter Using Sliding Mode Controller Based on Fryze Current Minimization Technique
    3.7Gennadiy P. Kornilov, Rifkhat R. Khramshin, Ildar R. Abdulveleev, Aleksey A. Bochkarev
    A Novel Fundamental Frequency Modulation Strategy for Cascaded Multilevel STATCOM with Non-sinusoidal Load Currents
    3.8Sattarov R.R., Azmetov T.I.
    Impedance Z-Source Inverter with Multifunctional Integrated LC Electromagnetic Component
    3.9А.С. Антоненко
    Разработка программы поиска углов переключений предварительно запрограммированной широтно-импульсной модуляции
    Section 4. Electrical Machines
    4.1Evgeny Omelchenko, Alexey Lymar
    Development of a New System for the Asynchronous Motor Parameters Identification based on Neural Networks
    4.2D.S. Gandzha, Y.S. Ulman
    Development of low-speed synchronous high-power motor based on clow-pole excitation system
    4.3I.A. Chuyduk, D.S. Gandzha
    Thermal analysis of a motor wheel based on a brushless motor of combined excitation for vehicle electrical transmission
    4.4Flyur R. Ismagilov, Egor A. Pronin, Iskander R. Garipov
    Experimental Studies of Electrical and Vibrational Characteristics of Additive Aluminum Windings of a Synchronous Generator Based on Permanent Magnets with Carbon Nanotubes
    4.5Vyacheslav Ye. Vavilov, Alexander S. Argakov, Iskander R. Garipov
    Integrated Starter-Generator for a More Electric Engine: a Brief Overview
    4.6Flyur R. Ismagilov, Ildus F. Sayakhov, Ruslan R. Urazbakhtin
    Study of an Axial Flux Electric Motor with High-Temperature Superconducting Windings for an Aircraft Propeller
    4.7Vyacheslav Ye. Vavilov, Eugene O. Zharkov, Ildus F. Sayakhov
    Comparison of the Effect of the Number of Slots and Poles of Multi-Pole Aircraft Electric Machines on the Attraction of Stator Teeth to the Rotor
    4.8Alexey A. Zherebtsov, Alexander S. Argakov, Oksana A. Yushkova
    Influence of Seating Depth of Permanent Magnets in Rotors with Two-Phase Magnetic Material on Mechanical Properties
    4.9Egor A. Pronin, Eugene O. Zharkov, Alexey A. Zherebtsov
    Principle of Air Cooling of Permanent Magnet Axial Electric Machine
    4.10Robert Sattarov, Arthur Makhiyanov
    Twin-Generator Reconfigurable Set for Wind Power Plant
    4.11Саттаров Р.Р., Зиганшин Т.Р.
    Обобщенная модель магнитоэлектрического генератора с проводящей защитной оболочкой статора
    4.12E.Ya. Omelchenko,A.I. Gibadullin, A.P. Malcev
    Development of a Computer Model of a Mechatronic Loading Unit for Studyng the Performans Characteristics of Asynchronous Motors
    Section 5. Power Supply System
    5.1Maxim M. Lygin, Olga V. Gazizova, Gennadiy P. Kornilov
    Analysis of the efficiency of using cascade-frequency control of a group of feed pumps at an industrial power plant
    5.2A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, E.S. Smirnov, V.N. Ochiridnyak
    Analysing of the Trip Current Influence in EAF’s Furnace Transformer Under Load on the Appearance of Switching Overvoltages
    5.3Alla Prokubovskaya, Valery Zelentsov, Vladimir Ippolitov
    Tracking Substation Simulation Model as Part of Energy Saving Unit in Power Supply and Control of Regulated Electric Underground Drives
    5.4Pavel Pustokhin, Haider M. Jassim, Anatolii Ziuzev
    VSM for microgrid on the compressor stations