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    In 2020, IEEE Russian Workshop on Power Engineering and Automation of Metallurgy Industry was held on 25-26 of September.


    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Automatic Electric Drive
    1.1Evgeny Omelchenko, Vasily Tanich, Alexey Lymar
    The Operation Researching of a Traction Asynchronous Electric Drive in the Electric Locomotive on a Dynamic Model
    1.2Anton Yashin, Marat Khakimyanov
    Characteristics Analysis of Linear Submersible Electric Motors for Oil Production
    1.3Alexander S. Karandaev, R. G. Mugalimov, A. I. Bokov, A. R. Mugalimova, V. V. Serkov
    Developing a Digital Control System for Cutting a Moving Strip to Length
    1.4R. G. Mugalimov, A. R. Mugalimova, Alexander S. Karandaev, R. A. Zakirova, A. I. Bokov
    Increasing Energy Efficiency of Asynchronous Electric Drives due to Individual Compensation of Reactive Power of Motors
    1.5Evgeny Omelchenko, Alexey Lymar, Sergey Enin
    Software Control of a Two-link Pedipulator
    1.6Samuel Isaac Tecle, Pavel Pustokhin, Rustam Iunusov, Anatolii Ziuzev
    Development of Electromechanical Test Bench for Emulating Dynamics of Sucker Rod Pump
    1.7Alexander V. Semenov, Samuel Isaac Tecle, Anatolii Ziuzev
    Modeling Induction Motor Driven Sucker Rod Pump in MATLAB Simscape
    Section 2. Industrial Processes Control and Automation
    2.1A. A. Nikolaev, P. G. Tulupov, I. A. Lozhkin
    Development and Research of Improved Control Algorithms for Electric Modes of a Shaft-type Electric Arc Furnace
    2.2Tatyana A. Funk, Dmitry J. Khriukin, Evgenii O. Volkov
    Remote Monitoring System of the Electric Drives State of the Drilling Rig Actuators
    2.3Sergey Lukjanov, Konstantin Martynov
    Simulation of System for Suppressing Fluctuations in Liquid Metal Level in the Continuous-casting Machine
    Section 3. Power Electronics
    3.1A. A. Nikolaev, M. V. Bulanov, K. A. Shakhbieva
    Quality Improvement of Electric Power in the Intra-factory Electric Networks through the Use of PWM Algorithm Selective Harmonic Mitigation
    3.2Tao Jing, Alexander S. Maklakov, Andrey A. Radionov, Tatyana A. Lisovskaya
    Comparative Analysis of the SHEPWM and SHMPWM Techniques for the Three-Level NPC Inverter based on the THD of Voltage and Current
    3.3A. A. Nikolaev, A. A. Denisevich, V. A. Laptova
    Improvement of Stability of Frequency Converters with Active Rectifiers during Voltage Sags and Parallel Operation with an Electric Arc Furnace
    3.4Tatyana A. Lisovskaya, Alexander S. Maklakov, Roman A. Lisovsky, Tao Jing
    Linearized Mathematical Model of a Three-level Active Front End Rectifier
    3.5Sergey Voronin, Olamafruz Sultonov, Azamjon Davlatov
    Features of Balancing a Three-Phase Step Voltage at the Output of Semiconductor Converters
    Section 4. Electrical Machines
    4.1Nikita Savosteenko, Nikita Maksimov, Irina Kiyessh, Victor Kushnarev
    Development of a Differential Electric Drive of a Starter-Generator based on a DC Motor
    4.2Dilshod Aminov, Sergey Gandzha, Bakhtiyor Kosimov
    Technology of Using a Combined Excitation Valve Hydrogenerator as an Alternative Source of Energy use for Small Rivers
    4.3Nikolay Neustroev, Sergey Gandzha, I. A. Chuyduk
    Passive Magnet Bearing Development for Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator with Diamagnetic Armature
    Section 5. Power Supply System
    5.1Ruslan V. Sabitov
    Development of an Electrical Network using Flexible Transmission Elements
    5.2Olga V. Gazizova, Alexander P. Sokolov
    Research of the Effectiveness of Existing Laws of Automatic Regulation of Excitation of Synchronous Generators of Industrial Power Plants under Various Conditions of Connection to the Electric Power
    5.3Delovar Gulov, Sergey Gandzha
    Research of Inter-turn Short-circuit of a Synchronous Generator with Permanent Magnet
    5.4Igor Kozhevnikov, Gennady Kornilov, Andrey Shemetov
    Reducing Power Consumption of Powerful Grid Synchronous Motors
    5.5Evgeniya A. Panova, Artem T. Nasibullin
    Development of Mathematical Models of Microprocessor-based Relay Protection Devices for 220/110 kV Nodal Distribution Substation in Matlab/Simulink
    5.6A. A. Nikolaev, M. Yu. Afanasev, M. V. Bulanov
    Application of a Specialized Passive Filter to Correct the Frequency Response of the Supply Network in order to Eliminate the Negative Impact of Resonance Phenomena
    Section 6. Renewable Energy
    6.1Irina M. Kirpichnikova, Ilkhom B. Makhsumov
    Application of Solar Concentrators for Increasing of Solar Power Generation
    6.2Yang Yusong, Evgeny Solomin
    The Control Strategy and Simulation of the Yaw System for MW Rated Wind Turbine